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"When Louise coached me on how to close the gap faster between my goals and my current energy, skills and beliefs - I gained a new client contract worth $250,000 within 3 months. E Wilton"

Louise Taylor
Global Neuro-Strategist, Speaker and High Performance Coach

"Since Louise worked with us - I have a more engaged motivated sales team, great results, and a stronger relationship with my team and my family. "

Leon Liveris
Sales Manager HCF

"I’ve had many coaches in my professional sporting career but Louise has a way of helping you to change the way you look at life and work and take action faster"

Davina Strauss
International Professional Athlete

"With Louise’s Coaching I realised my value as a coach and was able to increase my day rate by three times within a few months. She challenges you to look at yourself and make change within a fun but safe environment. "

Anthony English

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