Money Mindfit™ 

I help talented, caring high performers to get CLARITY, get CONFIDENT, feel VALUED and get PAID more for doing what they love, without the frustration, delays. 

Rewire and redefine the way you think, feel and behave about life and money while you finally build the dream business, career and time freedom that you know you want.

This program is for both organisations and individuals!

Is stress or uncertainty about money stopping you from having more time, freedom or income? 

Most people carry around rules, beliefs, behaviours and emotional associations related to money, taught to us by another generation. Our brains like certainty but the world is now uncertain. These beliefs influence our attitude to money and how we experience fear, procrastination, success and love.

Have you inherited beliefs and rules from other people?  

We all have mental, emotional and practical blind spots that keep us frustrated or stuck.

Explore your new money journey with the Money Mindfit™ Coaching Program.

What's your Money Meter like?


Challenge your Money Beliefs

Start to rapidly shift your internal money beliefs & barriers, so that you can stop procrastinating and be financially valued for your skills, talents and gifts.


Are your Neural Pathways holding you back? Are you frustrated or unsure about your future?


  • Recognise subconscious rules, beliefs and habits that have slowed down your ability to create more money
  • Learn how Emotional Stacking™ impacts your money results
  • Realise how your mind is processing information and how it impacts money. 
  • Get more clarity and confidence. Reduce doubt and procrastination and finally act on your dreams, career, income or business and sales goals.

Create new money rules

  • Is what you are currently doing going to sustain you? Do you have a creative way of looking at growth?
  • Recognise how you think about money using the 4 Whole Brain® quadrant money assessment.
  • Prioritise and assess existing patterns
  • Understand how neural pathways and emotions are linked to how you spend time
  • Complete Clarity Template™ and 6 Neuro-Activities to activate new ways of dealing with money.

How to articulate your value 

  • Recognise specifically what you do that adds value to others
  • Identify how your personal brand impacts your career
  • Design a personal money vision and how to fuel it emotionally and practically using your skills
  • Understand different buying styles and how to tailor to them
  • Identify hidden opportunities for money, income or sales growth

Realise Results:

Act on what you learn 

  • Act with confidence and take away neuro-tools to help you lift your income or sales.
  • Focused individualised actionable steps that feel congruent for you
  • Identify hidden commercial opportunities 
  • Learn to think about money with ease and you'll find yourself boldly achieving more positive results

What stops people from making more money?



Money Mindfit™ Prayer/Meditations are an amazing way to shift sabotaging behaviours and fears and connect with your inner confidence.


For Organisations and Individuals


  • 6 x Online Modules and Activities
  • Challenge your subconscious money beliefs
  • Clarity Action Template
  • Shift an immediate block
  • Learn about re-wiring your thoughts
  • Improve your confidence to take positive money action
  • Learn from group questions

You will access the current monthly topic from one of below which include:

Money Beliefs

Money Behaviours

Money Meditations

Articulate your Value Grid™

Money Grid™

Money Vision 

Whole Brain® action template

and many more ..





  • 10 x  60 minute monthly high performance group interactive neuro - coaching sessions
  • Monthly neural activities to shift anxiety, uncertainty, stress
  • Free up money and time with neuroscience
  • Access more energy, fun adventure for personal goals
  • Private Facebook group for accountability & challenges
  • 3 x 25 minute recorded clarity prayer/meditations
  • Address issues with Q & A 
  • Additional rewiring secrets messages for crew members only
  • Access to experts & VIP Crew only offers
  • Journey with other high performers
  • Regular Prayer/Meditations in session - recorded

Access to 10 Money Topics and Strategies including

Money Beliefs

Money Behaviours

Articulate your Value Grid and Challenge

Neuro-Money Grid™

Money Vision Alignment

Whole Brain® - quadrants 

Idea to Execution templates

Influence team and sales with money confidence

Money & Influence  - accelerated performance strategies

and more



$9,995 USD


  • 6 x 60 minute Fortnightly Coaching Sessions
  • Action plan and accountability
  • Check in via email alternate weeks
  • Personal Money Assessment + Neuro-Shift 
  • Shift immediate personal habit loop that is sabotaging you
  • Recognise blind spots
  • Defined action plan per session
  • Shift behaviours in your personal relationships or work challenges
  • Prayer/Meditation & Neuro-coaching with a focus on your personal goals
  • Specific actionable whole brain activities to see and address blind spots and emotional state
  • See below to find out more

This is for you if you:

  • Need to inspire an entrepreneurial, confident, creative money mindset in your company

  • Are a successful Professional, Business Owner, Coach, Speaker - ready to take the next step for rapid personal and professional growth

  • Want to increase sales and inspire growth

  • Need an outplacement program that truly helps people with the next career or business step

  • Want to experience an effective and commercially viable personal development program that helps you grow faster

  • Feel stressed, burned out or frustrated about money, career or business

  • Are self aware, passionate and have a good product, skillset or service or want to be a coach or speaker.

  • Want the confidence to ask for what you deserve, price your offer and start building your dream money situation

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