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I agree that I will attend the Program and participate with 100% enthusiasm. I understand that the level of my engagement in activities and calls, and groups will be a contributing factor to my success.
I understand that I may be subscribed to future information and offers, and can unsubscribe at any time.
I understand that the dates, times, trainer and venue of any Program are subject to change, depending on numbers and that the organiser will advise me up to 1 day prior to the event should a change occur.
I understand that selected highly trained coaches may participate and assist on the program, if Louise is unable to attend for unforeseen reasons, or as best advised by Louise Taylor and team.
I agree to keep confidential ALL intellectual property of Unbridled Pty Ltd shared prior, during or following the Program and agree  to not - under any circumstances, copy, share or REPLICATE any Copyrighted Program material, activities, questions, ideas, collateral, written, audio visual, audio  or otherwise - without first seeking written permission of Louise Taylor.
I understand that this payment is securing my position on the Program and if on a payment plan am committing to full payment - regardless of whether I attend the program. 
I agree that I will treat all participants , coaches and employees with respect at all times.
I understand that Unbridled Pty Ltd and its employees or contractors are not providing medical or financial advice and are not responsible for any actions financial, emotional, health related or otherwise taken by myself or my employees during or after the event. I understand that I am responsible for managing any  mental health, health or financial conditions that I may have, and am responsible for disclosing and taking responsibility for managing same.
The event will be held online and it is my responsibility to attend and use the online system to access products, calls and facebook groups. 
I am ready to show up and commit to GIVING AND RECEIVING during the program.

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Terms and Conditions:

Please note that information provided may be subject to change.

By confirming, you agree that Unbridled Pty Ltd is not responsible for any decisions made in relation to financial, health, personal or career.   

You agree that you will treat coaches with respect at all times and that you will show up 100% committed to your personal growth.

We will provide this service by phone unless otherwise agreed.  

All material provided to you is the intellectual property of Louise Taylor of Unbridled Pty Ltd. You agree by joining this program that you will not copy, reproduce or share any material without the written agreement of Louise or James Taylor.  

Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected at all times and in purchasing this product you agree to respecting the confidentiality of all others on the call.

Louise Taylor