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6 Keys to rapidly scale to 7 figures.. NOW! 


Exclusive Private Event for Kingdom Entrepreneurs to experience deep revelation, Neuro-tools,  prophetic impartation & 7 Figure Brand & Mindset Keys

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Attend Backstage VIP Activation Room for $127 USD! With Prizes!

In this noisy world, as a coach or expert, it's hard to stand out and scale to 7 figures without burnout.

Learn the proven process

that's helped hundreds of  experts to create million dollar Signature businesses, by untapping hidden insight, commercial knowledge & unique models, without exhausting marketing and sales pitches which don't align with your values.

During this event you'll get:

  • Perspective on how your Signature Brand is exactly what people will buy NOW, and why
  • How to be a Category Leader with Prophetic Marketing & Brand Keys that will position and posture you faster
  • How you have a high-value unique service, product, and brand, which no one in the world can replicate or compete with.
  • Where to focus your time and attention next so that you stop burning out
  • Breakthrough revelation & strategy about marketing & sales which no-one in the world has ever taught you
  • Focus and flow activities & Neuroflow™ tools to scale to a million faster (Backstage)
  • Identify how your spiritual gifts can converge with your commercial skills to grow and scale faster.

You'll receive: 

  • Exclusive time up close and personal with Louise (we have had multiple reports of financial and emotional breakthroughs during and immediately after calls like this)
  • Prophetic Impartation, and Neuro-flow™ KEYS for rapid business & emotional breakthrough
  • Revelation to unlock clarity and peace for your NOW money! 


Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

These are the Prophetic KEYS to unlocking your

That state of "FLOW" (I call it a Navy Seal Mindset) happens when you learn how to  align your internal emotions and spiritual beliefs with practical skills, so you can tap into your 'dunamis' power, the deep sense of confidence to accelerate  sales, and create your Million dollar business. Without burnout.

We all have areas in which we are 'anointed' - our genius, our sweet spot, our flow, where massive breakthrough occurs.  These different 'anointings' and how to apply them to your offer, will  differentiate you and help you to enjoy your life, while attracting clients faster.

“The breaker anointing shakes every shackle loose that holds an individual back from his/her destiny and inheritance” 

Hear about the model to finally converge  your spiritual and commercial experiences and gifts, and turn them into a high-value offer and Million dollar expert business that no-one else can replicate or compete with.

© Louise Taylor, 2023.

Signature Kingdom Brand™ - Million Dollar Coach Retreat Session


Plus Backstage Bundle $127!


Just the Call at $37 USD

What Is the Backstage and Why Should I Upgrade? 


Joining Backstage as a VIP gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself deeper each day of the challenge with additional coaching, Q&A sessions, Prophetic Dream (Hot) Seating, with access to further immersion and conversations.


During the backstage event Louise will share:


  • How to focus on NOW money to GET TRACTION.
  • Neuroflow™ tools,  wisdom and coaching to rapidly rewire old limiting beliefs and emotions that don't line up with your  desire for a million dollar business.
  • Learn ONE  cut through Neuroflow™ Tool to collapse time with sales & marketing to connect faster with your target client 
  • Louise will 'Sniper hit' subconscious  sabotaging
  • DUNAMIS power - a prophetic word (how to tap the oil within you, so that your business flows and grows
  • Prophetic/Commercially focused (Dream) Hot Answers to unlock fresh ideas and clarity to scale! 
  • Deep dive impartation for healing, certainty,  confidence and less distraction, fatigue.

  • PRIZES for those who take the next step with us. (Valued at $10k)
  • 20 Minute Strategy  Call with our team to see what you need to shift NOW!
  • SPECIAL OFFER on our Million Dollar Coach Sprint program
  • Complete a 7 figure Scale Assessment to see where your blind spots are (Value $295) 

Your Signature Kingdom Brand™ is THE KEY to unlock your million dollar income,  NOW.

 Join Louise backstage for special offers + bonuses + prizes




Real.   Redefining.    Relevant. 

A Neuro-strategist, Business and Sales Consultant  and International Speaker - Louise helps high performing Kingdom Experts, Coaches and Creatives to design and rapidly grow Signature High Value 6-9 Figure Brands, businesses, and teams to rapidly lift sales and money confidence.

Creator of Dream Drivers™,  Neuro-flow™ Coach Accreditation Programs, and C-Level Immersion Events -  Louise incorporates  Accelerated Sales tools, Kingdom Success Keys, Mindset and Emotional Shift tools with 96% of her clients reporting financial and emotional breakthrough within 3-6 months.

Leanne Bennett

Signature of Confidence Mastermind Client
$32k within 3 weeks of first coaching call. 
$53k  in Feb 2022!

Mark Barnes

Sold $18,000 coaching package within 6 hours of the first session and $18k in 2 weeks.

Kerri Quinlan

$50k in 8 days,  7 figures 2021.
$11.2 million dollar sales day 
$6.4 million in a day

Elisa Choy

$118k in 5 weeks, and has secured another $250k contract! 

Over the last 25 years,

I’ve grown multiple 6-7 figures in annual revenue, multiple times...

but what matters to you is that I've  helped HUNDREDS of clients scale to multiple 6-7 figures in annual revenue, and you can be one of those people.

The unique Navy Seal type  Neuro-flow™ training, accelerated learning coaching, spiritual wisdom, 8 prophetic keys + strategic, commercial advice are the levers to  help passionate people like you to get...........


  • 12 clients achieved multiple 6 figures in 7 months last year

  • 16 Clients more than doubled their revenue in 2022
  • 96% of our Sales clients reported increased revenue within 3-6 months (often within weeks!) 

  • 3 clients recently earned over $150k in income in a single month
  • 160,000 individuals and business clients  in 30 years


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