The world has changed. Recent research on mental health paints a distressing picture, with an increasing number of people reporting they are suffering immense pressure, stress, and even depression, with finances being one of the top reasons for their stress. The main job of your brain is to protect you - that’s why fear often drives our behaviour, to keep us safe. But we know now that we can rewire the way we think and feel so that we can rise above fear, overwhelm and stress. Let Louise help you to experience advanced neuroscience strategies to bypass the fears, uncertainty and fatigue that stops us from LEADING and LIVING in a more focused, courageous, intuitive and creative way in business and life.

Experience SOAR High Performance Program with Louise Taylor and BONUS FREE Coaching with our Early Bird Offer.

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Once Off Early Bird Pricing + Bonus Package

BONUS #1: EARLY BIRDS GET TO SOAR with One on One Coaching Session with Louise (Value $1000) which you can BOOK IN  to get you started on your growth roadmap within 30 days!

One neuro-strategy session to help you focus in on your unique challenges and shift a key behaviour or thought process that is keeping you stuck.

BONUS #2: 1 Year of Basic Membership of success trainings  (following Program) (Value $360)

Every month, Louise will deliver a new training focused on success, achievement, spiritual insights and high performance. She'll share latest breakthroughs so that you continue to embed change all year.

BONUS #3: Pre and Post Action Tools (Value - $500)

You'll love this! Start building your active tool kit to embed new thought processes.

BONUS #4: DISCOUNTS off your First Private Client Masterclass (Value $250) 

Louise - along with carefully chosen experts - will be delivering Masterclasses to drill down into areas like Marketing, Sales Mindset, Spiritual Development, Influence, Teams, Speaking, Money Mindset and more.. Your first one will be 50% off! 

BONUS #5: Join our Private SOAR Facebook group

Ongoing tips and interaction with our community of high achievers.

BONUS #6: Special 2018 Offers and Discounts for future SOAR Money & Sales Programs.

This is just the beginning. Our community is growing. Our job is to help get you (and your team) to where you want to be financially, emotionally and spiritually. 

A quick word from one of our awesome clients


What would happen if you looked at everything from a higher perspective - to rise above constraints and limitations - unlocking the potential in yourself and those around you, and bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to the table.

Leverage the latest breakthroughs in  intuitive thinking and high performance.

Neuro-science proves that we can de-tox the negative thoughts in our brain (like a frontal lobotomy without the pain!) - helping you to reduce frustration, disappointment, be more focused, decrease stress and re-wire barriers that are slowing you down and costing you (or your organisation) time or money.

You can experience true internal change that will cause you to act more decisively on your most intelligent ideas, and leverage your resources.

What You will Do

When you work with Louise and her team - you'll tap into parts of yourself  that you may not currently see.

What's unique? This is science backed, heart-centred coaching for excelling and embedding commercial and personal change.

Its not about hype, or just education - you won't be sitting in a room passively listening - you'll be directly challenged to own and work through each concept and activity - embedding change subconsciously with Master Coaching and Accelerated Performance Learning - with a direct relationship to your personal or business challenges and goals.

You'll experience high energy, disruptive coaching and interaction that causes you to shift your thought processes and recognise new opportunities and strategies.

We get the work done here - so that you can leave with the insight, confidence and tools to immediately act and execute.


Some of our Results...

Louise helped me to improve my personal and professional relationships, and attain my dream job. She helped me develop great tools to present in a National NESCAFE roadshow launch, which resulted in the launch being a major success.  Sibon Schouten Head of Marketing - Foods, Nestle

Louise is one of a kind. Louise worked with us closely to deliver sales and leadership training that has had a powerful impact. She has created immediate strategies for change, and as a result I have a more productive, motivated team who are achieving highest ever results. Belinda Sproule, Group Centre Manager, HCF

Our revenue increased by 35% within 2 months and we successfully opened 2 new franchises as a direct result of the programs Louise developed and delivered. B Armstrong, Mark Gardner Hair Design 

Louise helped me to convert a $250,000 client within a 3 months of coaching. I now have a clear vision of my future business strategy. My life and mindset has changed forever. E Wilton, 7 Seconds Marketing

I have had the privilege of working with this amazing lady. She has challenged me and developed my thinking in extraordinary ways. I am extremely grateful. Norma Abeyasekara, Executive Officer, St Vincent De Paul Society 

As a professional athlete I've had many coaches. Louise has helped me over the years to reset the way I think and feel which has impacted my sport, relationships and happiness. When you work with Louise your life will never be the same again. Davina Strauss, National, World Level Athlete, Exercise Physiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

As a small business owner you're expected to be able to do everything, and when things aren't going so great everyone turns to you to make it better. The problem is sometimes you're just as lost as them, and getting stuck in a rut can have you feeling helpless, confused and unmotivated.

Louise's style of coaching encompasses a whole range of things to get you back in the game. She'll help you understand yourself better, what motivates you and what you need to work on. She'll also help you understand your staff better, what inspires them and how to manage them better.

Combine those skill-sets with business coaching, goal setting, and constant motivation you'll find yourself kicking goals once again and wondering why on earth you took so long to give her a call! Rhys Donovan, Director, Biomechanics Healthcare

Louise is highly respected in the direct sales industry and by her colleagues. Julie Sullivan GM, Ringana UK

Our work together has translated into improved engagement, great increase in sales and better interaction with my team. I also have a better relationship with my wife and my kids and for that I am truly grateful. Leon Liveris - Sales Manager, HCF


Our Promise

If this doesn't work for you - We will happily provide a refund within 3 days after completing the Program no problem, provided you attended the entire program. But in 25 years we have never had a client do that yet - so we are confident that we can meet your expectations and more.

*NOTE: Our application process ensures that we have a room full of engaged, caring, big thinkers who are open to change and up for the challenge - so  If you've never worked with us before - we'll take you through a short pre-course questionnaire before or after you have booked (your choice) so that we can ensure this will be the right fit both ways.

Don't wait any longer - Be the One

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More Client Stories

After just one session, the mind-shift change has already helped me accelerate with my marketing practice and action tactics for another business I co-own. I really appreciate what your coaching tools have brought me so far. Emerald Firli, Marketing Strategist 

Louise has a unique way of bringing ideas and strategies to the table to assist team members visualise where they want to be and the self awareness required to achieve success.

She keeps her audiences' entertained and presents fairly complicated ideas in an easy to understand terminology that holds her audiences' attention. A great motivator, she somehow manages to demonstrate how to consider alternatives, and see the opportunities; how to embrace positive thought processes and have the confidence to taken advantage of this knowledge to achieve success in both life and working career. Kerri Pattinson, Finance Manager Northwest Health

Louise Taylor is the real deal! Not only does she present in a masterful way but she really understands what matters in sales! Amanda Gore, Award Winning International Keynote Speaker

Louise is a gifted presenter and an insightful interviewer. I have had the pleasure of seeing Louise utilise these skills many times with different stakeholders and have always felt enlighted and thoughtful after each event.

Louise's ability to draw out your core thoughts and emotions with meaningful and relevant questions is incredibly empowering with many opportunities to implement this knowledge which is life changing. Sandy Haig, Manager, Strategic Business Engagement, University of Wollongong.


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