Money Mindfit™

High Performance Coaching Program to rewire the way you think, feel and act about money

with Neuro-Flow™

Is stress about money costing you time, freedom or income?

Most people carry around rules, beliefs and emotional associations related to money, taught to us by another generation.

Our brains like certainty - however the world is now uncertain. The pressures of work, career and family life are linked to the fast changing marketplace, and our old rules or beliefs are no longer serving us. These beliefs influence our attitudes to what is, or isn't possible - at work or in life.



Make a difference in your life. Start by choosing a program that's right for you and your goals...


Are your Neural Pathways holding you back? Are you confused or unsure about your future?

  • Identify hidden barriers and beliefs that are subconsciously driving your financial outcomes
  • Recognise rules and habits that have slowed down your ability to create more money
  • Shift subconscious negative emotions and associations to money
  • Get more clarity and confidence. Reduce doubt and procrastination

Create new money rules

  • Is what you are currently doing going to sustain you? Do you have a creative way of looking at growth?
  • Recognise how you think about money using the 4 quadrant money assessment
  • Prioritise and assess existing behaviours
  • Understand how neural pathways and emotions are linked to money beliefs
  • Create new internal associations and emotional rules related to money

How to articulate your value 

  • Recognise specifically what you do that adds value to others
  • Identify how your personal brand impacts your career
  • Design a personal money vision and how to fuel it emotionally and practically using your skills
  • Understand different buying styles and how to tailor to them
  • Identify hidden opportunities for money, income or sales growth

Realise Results:

Act on what you learn 

  • Act with confidence and take away neuro-tools to help you lift your income or sales
  • 96% of our clients have reported an increase in sales, income or a significant emotional shift  within 3 months - often within days or weeks! 
  • Focused individualised actionable steps that feel congruent for you
  • Identify commercial opportunities for new roles, products or clients


Experience this dynamic private group Coaching Program with Louise. Includes feedback, Q and A and activities to help you to rapidly shift your beliefs, habits and take confident action.

Don't take our word for it..



  • Are responsible for finding a relevant, effective and commercially viable wellbeing or personal development program that enhances  business objectives
  • Need an outplacement program that truly helps people with the next career or business step
  • Are a successful Professional, Business Owner, Coach, Speaker - ready to take the next step for rapid personal and professional growth
  • Feel stressed, burned out or frustrated about money, career or business
  • Want to inspire an entrepreneurial, confident, creative mindset in your company 
  • Are self aware, passionate and have a good product, skillset or service

The Money Mindfit™ Program uses accelerated learning, Neuro-flow™ technology, high performance coaching, Whole Brain Technology ™and advanced sales strategies.

Learning sales or having a good skillset isn't enough. How much time has been spent addressing the subconscious barriers that are slowing you down?

What you will do:

  • Identify barriers & beliefs that are subconsciously driving the money fear
  • Recognise rules and habits that have slowed down your ability to create more money
  • Shift negative subconscious emotions, like doubt and fear
  • Identify how your money beliefs are impacting your workplace
  • Redefine your relationship with money and create a healthy money vision
  • Shift negative beliefs about sales which are fuelled by your internal money rules 
  • Identify opportunities to build new income streams or increase existing ones.
  • Increase sales by identifying new opportunities and building sales resilience, internal confidence and innovation, and sales capability.
  • Learn how to articulate your value in the market with conviction
  • Learn to inspire your customer by realising what drives them at a deep personal level, and how your product or service meets that need.
  • Recognise how and what personal relationships impact your financial success
  • Action ideas using a 4 quadrant brain Clarity template


Author of Money Mindfit™ Louise has a real story of life's ups and downs. Born blind in one eye, and having navigated a financial roller coaster ride - Louise has the ability to connect intuitively with the underlying hidden barriers, and untap creative opportunities that lie within each individual.

A Neuro-Strategist, Performance Coach, Speaker, Advisor and Sales Expert  Louise has worked with over 25,000 individuals all over the world to help them move rapidly through limiting emotional, sales, team and money barriers.

The Money Mindfit™ Program incorporates Neuro-flow™ methodology - a multi-dimensional coaching model which encompasses spiritual, emotional, neuroscience based tools to create a deep and lasting shift in behaviour, and accelerated achievement of goals.


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