Redefine the way you think and feel about Money, Sales and Life, so you can be seen, be known, make your mark.

Build a Signature Brand and Million dollar business  that's so unique - no-one in the world can replicate it or compete with it.

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Who Do You Want to Be Podcast

Hear things you've never heard,  feel things you've never felt, do things you've never done... 

Listen to my Interview with Shawn Bolz and Bob Hasson

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Million Dollar Expert

Message from Louise:

It took me 20 years to recognise and learn how to get into flow, express all my gifts while making money, without constantly feeling burned out, distracted and frustrated.

One day, I finally worked it. I  found this intersection where science meets spirituality, and it began. $142k in one single day - all organic. No ads.

I believe that many of YOU have a Signature message, product or service which the world is waiting for.  There are people who need exactly what you have, and who will pay you for it. If only they could see you, hear you. and know you.

The Neuroflow™ method and Suite Programs have been developed from a lifetime of stories, learnings and divine insight. There have been very real, hard times.

Entrepreneurship is a journey of birthing, and rebirthing.

So it's never too late.

If you've been pushing forward, growing, learning but you're still stuck -  you're probably ready to enter a season of convergence, where it all comes together.

This is exactly the right time to converge your knowledgespiritual and expertise to define or redefine a highly niched offer, model and elite consulting, or coaching business, with less delay, frustration, burnout, and without compromising your own values and dreams.

I invite you to explore our programs, join our tribe, and see where it takes you.

Jeremiah 33.3

Expand Your Land. Isaiah 54


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Business & Culture Consulting CEO of the Year 2023: Louise Taylor

CEO Monthly Magazine 

CEO of the Year, Sydney Australia 2022: Louise Taylor

CEO Monthly Magazine


$142K Pay Day - Crush it with Challenges Award

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World first Prophetic Signature Kingdom Brand™ Mastermind.

I’m inviting up to 30 successful Entrepreneurial Leaders to apply to move into rapid expansion.   
I invite you to realise the level of value God is placing on you individually, and on your unique spiritual and commercial wisdom, so you can go deeper with God, higher, and with more confidence and clarity.
In this unique Program, together with other generous influencers, we will unlock fresh revelation to fill your soul, mind and spirit,  untap Brand Authority,  and powerful personal breakthrough, impartation, impact and legacy.

Dear Positive  CEO...

I know - this new world has brought new challenges right?  You want your people to thrive. But you could be missing the one thing which could radically lift your business, sales and team to new levels.

If you want growth, you can no longer rely on old models. The most creative commercial strategies are birthed from a place of flow, confidence and creativity.  When you learn to tap into the hearts and minds of your people at a deeper level, you'll begin to see greater and faster breakthrough. 

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