Louise Taylor is the go to girl when you need a unique Wellness or Sales Program that will cut to the core of the problem and ignite change.

Known for her unique ability to dive deep in and partner with you to shift personal or team barriers and identify hidden opportunities, Louise inspires people by touching them at a deep level, giving them a new perspective, and tools to change.

You'll be left with a sense of greater confidence, purpose and energy.

With a commercial focus in mind, Louise will quickly partner with you to identify your key objectives and challenges. 

Louise has authored and presented Mindset and Leadership Programs in 5 countries,  held National Sales and Leadership roles, won Global and National Industry Awards for Sales and Leadership and was nominated twice for the Telstra Business Women of the Year Award.

Whilst grounded in optimism and super practical, Louise will carve out a powerful message or program and deliver it in a intelligent, fun and highly interactive way that induces and embeds rapid growth.





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