Louise Taylor

Known as a disruptive, real and relevant speaker, sales strategist, and high performance coach, Louise has been obsessed with neuroscience since she was 12. 

Starting her own business journey as an Avon 'teen' - Louise is a grass roots, practical, fun, intuitive and dynamic speaker, an intelligent creative, and a curator of ideas, people and culture.

With 3 kids, a labrador and a patient long serving husband - Louise has started 3 businesses from start up, and specialises in helping individuals and teams to rapidly rewire the way they think feel and behave when it comes to money, life, career and business.

The wisdom comes from years of hard labour, reinventing her own financial life when everything went wrong, and emerging through challenges with a young family, one blind eye and far too many chocolates.

When you meet Louise you'll find yourself thinking differently about everything.  

Louise is on a mission to help one million people to change their financial, spiritual and emotional experience of life, so that we can leverage our genius as a community and make this world a better place.

A songwriter, Louise will weave your message into something sounding like music and help your teams to engage fully in what they are learning.

James Taylor

James is a Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist. 

He works with high profile elite athletes, corporate teams and individuals to help them restore their mobility, strength and improve focus and energy. James and the team offer Corporate Massage services that compliment our Wellness Programs.

James is also married to Louise!

Tommy Galant

Tommy is a veteran of almost 3 decades in Corporate IT Industry.

He is Certified as an Executive Coach, Mindset Coach, Gallup Strengths, Heart Rate Variability, and trained in Epigenetics; the exciting new frontier of Personalised Health and Optimised Wellbeing.

Amie Morris

Amie has worked across the Media Industry for the last 15 years in multiple roles. From Film and TV production, Fashion and the Arts, Marketing and Advertising.  Also a Media Presenter, TV and Radio Producer, Public Speaker and founder of two successful businesses.

Scott Bidmead

Scott is an entrepreneur and international journalist. He has presented and produced various shows on National TV, spoken at events around the world, hosted the weather, created documentaries and featured on most major Chinese and Russian TV networks.

Scott has also built various successful start-ups and executed public relations and production campaigns for global brands. He has a bachelor of Journalism specialising in Public Relations and International Relations and a Graduate Diploma in Positive Psych.

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