During this call you will hear and  experience  prophetic impartation and wisdom to see how you are anointed for this season to create freedom, without restriction.









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During this call, you will:

  • Hear how to tap into more freedom and growth for your finances and business
  • Experience a shift in the way you think and feel about money and business
  • Hear unique and powerful. new prophetic principles  and neuro-tools which you can apply so you can be promoted and positioned for more rapid growth
  • Hear how to converge your spiritual and commercial gifts, so that you can be completely you and be paid well for it.
  • Understand why there's a disconnect between your dreams and your income.
  • Hear a new prophetic perspective on where you are at, where you are going, and how God has positioned you exactly for this time to take freedom for yourself, your family, and your tribe.
  • How the anointing can flow in your sales, team, or brand.
  • Prizes and offers for Backstage participants for our Expand your Land and Dream Drivers Program and special offer for attendees only.


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Who is this for?

  • Freedom and growth are important to you, and you hate feeling delayed or frustrated.
  • Going through a transition time. Lacking deeper clarity on your next 12 months, and how to create more time freedom.
  • You've invested in yourself before but you need something new, and you want to go another level spiritually and personally, while growing your income. 
  • You have a huge capacity. You are the go-to person. But you are carrying too much responsibility and you feel some burnout. 
  • Scaling your business, releasing team but have had delay or frustration.
  • A deep desire to create an income that brings you and others freedom..
  • You have a good idea, product or service but you want to sell it for a higher value.
  • You're highly motivated, even driven, but you want more fun, more joy, more deep connection and less hard work or isolation on the ride! 

 Coaching and prophetic impartation for  your financial, mental and emotional freedom.

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During the backstage event Louise will share:

  • BONUS OFFERS on our programs - only available for the Backstage VIPS.
  • How to focus on NOW money to allow you to do what you want to do next.
  • Neuroflow™ tools,  wisdom and coaching to rapidly rewire old limiting beliefs and emotions that don't line up with your faith.
  • Experience an emotional shift, healing and more  confidence about money and time.
  • Complete a Freedom Assesment to see where your blind spots are.
  • How your anointing will release acceleration and flow in your business. 
  • Prophetic release and impartation session to unlock your anointing so that you can flow
  • Louise will speak into your life about the practical steps she took to help hundreds of people to create their first 5, and many 6 and 7 figures, in a day, week, month or year.

Rapid Results

Leanne Bennett

Signature of Confidence Mastermind Client
$32k within 3 weeks of first coaching call. 
$53k  in Feb 2022!

Mark Barnes

Sold $18,000 coaching package within 6 hours of the first session and $18k in 2 weeks.

Kerri Quinlan

$50k in 8 days,  7 figures 2021.
$11.2 million dollar sales day 
$6.4 million in a day

Elisa Choy

$118k in 5 weeks, and has secured another $250k contract! 


  • 12 clients achieved 6 figures in 7 months 2021.

  • 96% of our Sales clients reported increased revenue within 3-6 months (often within weeks!) 

  • 160,000 individuals and business clients  in 30 years
  • Developed 3 x 7-figure entrepreneurs in 2022

  • 90% of new entrepreneurs made income for the first time online

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