Money Mindfit™ 

The Worlds Number One Neuro-based Prophetic experience to shift your money doubts, fears and sabotage strategies.

So you can make more money, and more impact, NOW.

Is stress or uncertainty about money stopping you from having more time, freedom or income? 

When I was a kid (one of 7)- we didn't have a lot. 

I watched my parents nearly kill themselves with hard work. But there was never enough. It was painful.

Most people carry around negative rules, beliefs, behaviours and emotional associations related to money. These beliefs influence our attitude to money and how we experience fear, procrastination, success and love.

As kids, no-one teaches us how to practically shift our money mindsets and subconscious rules, emotions and habits.

I began to study neuroscience at 12 so that I could understand how to create more money and more freedom.

Over the last 30 years I developed a program to help even successful people to create new money habits, emotions and breakthrough.



What's Your Money Meter Like?


Are your Neural Pathways holding you back?  


  • Rewire the hidden neural beliefs and habits that have slowed you down.
  • Realise how your mind processes information and why you have 'go to' places which are inhibiting your growth.
  • Understand how doubt, uncertainty and anxiety impact you and why you keep going back to those emotions.
  • Build new neural muscles to begin to create new money habits.

Create new money rules

  • Recognise blind spots which are sabotaging you and redefine your Money Rules.
  • Prioritise and assess hidden negative patterns and subconscious fears 
  • Define new neural pathways and consciously create new money behaviours, rules and beliefs
  • Complete Neuro-based activities and sessions to activate positive money behaviour

Place Higher Value on your Expertise, or Services

  • Recognise specifically what you do that adds value to others
  • Realise how your own underlying money beliefs impact the way you articulate your value at work, or in sales.
  • Design a personal money vision and how to fuel it emotionally and practically 
  • Learn how to FOCUS on what you want, and get it RAPIDLY!!
  • Experience a shift at a deep level as you listen to activations and meditations to visualise and experience a new future

RAPID Results:

Stop procrastinating and doubting!!!

  • Act with confidence. Take away tools you can use again and again. 
  • Shift beliefs immediately as you do the activities, with coaching questions designed to rewire you even as you listen.
  • Focused individualised actionable steps that feel congruent for you
  • See the hidden reasons why you are being delayed financially.

This is a Coaching Experience, not just a Program.


Challenge your Money Beliefs

Start to rapidly shift your internal money beliefs & barriers, so that you can stop procrastinating and be financially valued for your skills, talents and gifts.



  • Already successful but hitting a ceiling when it comes to money
  • Need to stop sabotaging when it comes to money
  • Operating from family memories, beliefs and rules that don't serve you.
  • Know you are meant to  make more BIG impact, but are limited because of your money beliefs
  • Are burned out or not spending time in your genius zone
  • Are a great giver but not so great receiver
  • Need to inspire yourself or your team with an entrepreneurial, confident, creative money mindset 
  • Need to lift your prices or work less hours
  • Are self aware, passionate and talented

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Money Mindfit™ The Worlds Number One Neuro-based Prophetic experience to shift your money doubts, fears and sabotage strategies. So you can make more money, and more impact, NOW.


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