Exclusive Private Event for Kingdom Entrepreneurs to experience deep revelation, impartation & 7 Figure Keys


Join me in LACONIA, NH

What would happen if God revealed the hidden keys to your Signature Kingdom Brand?

What does it mean to create a 6-7 figure Signature Kingdom Brand™?

I believe  God is releasing Signature Brands so that you can create wealth, make more impact and experience more freedom by converging your spiritual and commercial gifts.


At this exclusive face-to-face private event with Louise, you'll get:

  • A new perspective about wealth and what God is doing NOW to accelerate you.
  • Prophetic Marketing & Brand Keys that will position and posture you faster in your Category
  • More certainty, more clarity for your next steps.
  • Breakthrough revelation & strategy for your 6-7 figure Signature Kingdom Brand™ 
  • Focus and flow activities & Neuroflow™ tools to stop the overwhelm & distraction
  • Identify exactly how you will attract the kind of high-value clients you want.  
  • Identify how your spiritual gifts can converge with your commercial skills to grow and scale faster.
  • How you have a high-value unique service, product, and brand, which no one in the world can replicate or compete with.

You'll receive: 

  • Exclusive time up close and personal with Louise in a relaxed environment at a private residence
  • Prophetic Impartation for business & emotional breakthrough
  • Cut through Neuroflow™ Consulting to collapse time so you can grow your business faster
  • Louise will run Prophetic (Dream) Hot seats to help you move faster into the next stage.
  • Q and A time to unlock fresh ideas.
  • Special Offer on our programs - Exclusive to all Attendees.

These are the Prophetic KEYS to unlocking your

He is inviting you into Alignment of mindset, alignment to your assignment. And alignment for your generational legacy.

When you recognise where you are anointed in business,  rapid multiplication occurs.

“The breaker anointing shakes every shackle loose that holds an individual back from his/her destiny and inheritance” 

Begin to recognize how to converge your spiritual and commercial experiences and gifts, and turn them into a high-value offer. 

© Louise Taylor, 2022.

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Talented high performers, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders.

You are highly motivated but frustrated. You know you are meant to make BIG impact. You're ready to build and scale your Brand.


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Your Signature Brand™ is THE KEY to unlock your growth, NOW.

Jeremiah 33.3
“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."


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