During this call you will hear and  experience  prophetic impartation and wisdom to see how you are anointed for this season to create freedom, without restriction.









During this call, you will:

  • Hear how your anointing, brand, and assignment go hand in hand
  • How God  spoke to Louise with 8 prophetic principles which have helped hundreds of clients to create 6-figure days, and 7, 8-figure businesses
  • Hear a new prophetic perspective on where you are at, where you are going, and how God has positioned you exactly for this time to take freedom for yourself, your family, and your tribe.
  • How the anointing can flow in your sales, team, or brand.
  • Louise will share Info on our Signature of Confidence Brand Program and special offer for attendees only.


Count me in!

Who is this for?

  • Already successful and like to go fast.
  • You have a huge capacity. You are the go-to person. But you are carrying too much responsibility or you are needing more time, so you can be released into the next BIG thing!!! 
  • Scaling your business, releasing team but have had delay or frustration.
  • A deep desire to create  millions.
  • Going through a transition time. Lacking deeper clarity on what God is doing now in your world.
  • Have invested in yourself and are ready to harvest!!! 
  • You're highly motivated, even driven, but you want more fun, more joy, more deep connection and less hard work or isolation on the ride! 

The Freedom Call 

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Release and prophecy over your wealth &  anointing.

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During the backstage event Louise will share:

  • How your anointing will release acceleration and flow in your business. 
  • Prophetic release and impartation session to unlock your anointing so that you can flow
  • Louise will impart and share how your anointing will dramatically accelerate your business or team
  • Prophetic impartation for financial release. Louise will speak directly about your finances
  • Experience a shift and reframe how you see yourself, your time, and your business

Rapid Results

Leanne Bennett

Signature of Confidence Mastermind Client
$32k within 3 weeks of first coaching call. 
$53k  in Feb 2022!

Mark Barnes

Sold $8,000 coaching package within 6 hours of the first session and $18k in 2 weeks.

Kerri Quinlan

$50k in 8 days,  7 figures in 2021, and an $11.2 million dollar sales day in 2022!

Elisa Choy

$118k in 5 weeks, and has secured another $250k contract! 


  • 12 clients achieved 6 figures between July 2020 and January 2021. 2 had created 7-figures!

  • 96% of our Sales clients reported increased revenue within 3-6 months (often within weeks!) 

  • 95% of new entrepreneurs made income for the first time online

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