A world validated science-based tool - the Whole Brain system measures how you process information in 4 quadrants of your mind. It is used globally for leveraging individual, team and organisational sales, problem solving, creativity, productivity, career development, influence and communication. It will identify how you think under pressure and how that impacts your work and personal life.



How to hack into your brain for peak performance, higher energy and rapid results for business and life.

What do 93% of the top 100 Fortune 500 listed companies know that the other 7% don't? 

They know how to use a Whole Brain(TM) approach to business.

The Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (TM) (HBDI) is the world's leading thinking styles assessment tool, developed by the originators of Whole Brain Technology (R) and Whole Brain (R) Thinking.

It identifies your preferred approach to emotional, analytical, spiritual, practical and strategic thinking.  It will help you to significantly increase your level of personal understanding, help you to see how you think under pressure.  Over 25 years, and 32 years of scientific research and innovation stand behind the validity of the HBDI. Companies like Cirque De Soleil, ANZ, Marriot Hotels, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft,  and hundreds more use this tool.

Step 1: The Human Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) Survey

How The Survey Works? 

Participants complete a 120-question neuroscience based survey online. This assessment will evaluate and describe the degree of preference you have for each of 4 thinking styles, based on cognitive research and real-world application in leading corporations. 

By understanding and determining your thinking style preferences you can achieve greater appreciation for how you process information, learn, make decisions, solve problems, and communicate.

Your profiles are assessed by a trained Whole Brain Practitioner and Neuro-Coach. 

Step 2: Your Assessment

What Is Included In My Assessment?

Louise Taylor, a highly experienced neuro-science practitioner and executive coach, will personally conducted your assessment. The assessment will define and describe the way you think and process information. It gives you insight into why you value certain types of information over others. With that valuable knowledge about yourself, you can learn how to be more agile and flexible into other ways of thinking to adapt to others – how they think, what they value, how they communicate – so you can bridge the gap, rapidly!

Step 3: The 45 HBDI De-breif

Louise will use your results from the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)  to create a framework for you to understand your natural thinking preferences. This scientifically proven model will show you how to use your whole brain - not just the parts with which you feel most comfortable. 

We will leverage the data to master your:

1. Finances Focus or Sales

2. Creativity and Motivation

3. Influence  Energy and Relationships

4. Productivity and Execution 

Step 4: Your Powerful Neuro-Coaching Session

Louise believes that every human has the inbuilt capacity to create, grow and innovate. She will help you reach your personal, professional and financial freedom with this High Performance NeuroScience Based Program!

Your 1-2-1 Powerful Neuro-Coaching Session will enable you to take the lead and Be The One. We will Master the following 4 areas:  

Redefine your direction. Identify hidden business opportunities.


Create a high performance, motivated mindset in your business. 
Action projects with more belief, confidence and conviction.

Grow your network. Lift sales and connect to market faster.

4. ROI
Shift personal or team barriers that are slowing you down. Recognise sales opportunities. Hack your brain for higher commercial performance.


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