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Learn about the 3 foundational Kingdom Keys to launching or growing the business of your dreams with more income, confidence, clarity, traction, and less restriction, doubt and delay.


During this 5 Day Challenge, we will be imparting to you, sharing prophetically and coaching you with Kingdom Keys about IDENTITY, IMPACT, and INCREASE.

You'll hear about aligning your mind, and making wise decisions with Kingdom truth and shifting out of confusion, procrastination and disappointment into clarity, confidence and action.

You'll see what a Kingdom Brand could look like for you - and how you are uniquely placed and called to be positioned and promoted into the business, dream, platform or promise on your life.

You'll hear how to reframe the way you think about money - and posture yourself with a Kingdom mindset, and how to practically apply this to your business, sales, market or tribe.

I'll be sharing what I have learned in 25 years of Consulting, Kingdom Business, Sales & Money Mindset strategy, Leadership, Pastoring and Neuro-science- but more so - speaking into your heart with Kingdom business strategy - out of the wisdom and truth that I have explored and experienced through my journey as an entrepreneur, spiritual coach, neurostrategist, speaker, and business mentor. 


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Where are you and who do you want to be emotionally and financially? Be clear on your current standings and be clear on how others perceive and how much they value you. Learn to take steps to build your personal and business identity.

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In order to move others you must first move yourself. Identify who you serve and how could can commercialize your ideas, market and sell with more confidence and congruence, and turn your idea into an online offering.

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Learn tools to stop procrastinating, let go of fear or doubt, make wise decisions, increase confidence exponentially and take immediate action that translates into income. Recognize what God is showing you to do, tap into divine wisdom and step boldly into your next step with congruence & peace.

Join the Identity Impact Increase Challenge below. 

5 days of high performance sessions that will touch your heart, soul, mind, and financial perspective.


$17 USD

What you can expect:

  • 5 units of Challenge resources, including replay videos and notes
  • Insights into finding your identity, making an impact with your business, and increasing your influence
  • Gain prophetic wisdom and breakthroughs in your life and in your business


$97 USD

Exclusive perks:

  • Access all Challenge materials available to standard-paying participants
  • Access Zoom replays featuring Q&A and Hot Seat sessions
  • Learn from the experiences of other hot seat participants
  • Extra prophetic business, identity, and brand insights

Not convinced? Hear it from those who have been through Louise's Programs

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Looking for a mentor to help you shift at every level?

Our DREAM DRIVERS™ 5000 Program is kicking off in mid June 2020 - see our first 20 members offer and bonuses below.


Calling all motivated, positive, talented, but frustrated Kingdom influencers, leaders and entrepreneurs - Join the Dream Drivers Program and learn to close the gap between your promises and the reality of your finances, life or business.


  • Learn about the 6 KEY - DRIVE YOUR DREAM FRAMEWORK
  • Kingdom Wisdom, Mindset & Entrepreneurship Insights
  • Neuro-flow™ techniques
  • Gain access to a commercially smart, deeply personal, and positive place to experience growth
  • Gain perspective on Clarity, Confidence and Creative solutions


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