The 3 foundational Kingdom Keys to launching or growing the business of your dreams with more income, confidence, clarity, traction, and less restriction, doubt and delay.

Dear motivated, positive, talented but frustrated Kingdom minded leader, influencer, entrepreneur, creative, speaker.

Maybe you are thinking about redefining your life, your business or finally expressing your message, spiritual and natural talents, service or product in a new way, and stepping into a new level of income and time freedom.

You love being in a tribe of encouraging, intelligent people and you want to move into a more powerful season where you finally see the results of your labor.

You're confident, successful, a natural giver, but you also can doubt yourself and feel like you are missing something in your own life.  You love to work things through with people who get you. 

You need more clarity about who you serve, how you can commercialise your idea, position your Kingdom brand, express yourself, market or turn your idea into online content.

You are tired of having to mould yourself to the environment you are in. You want to feel uncontained!

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Re-wire, Redefine and Activate 

Activate that which you have held back or sabotaged in the past.
Identify clearly who you are called to lead or help at a higher level.
Learn tools to stop procrastinating, let go of fear or doubt, make wise decisions, increase confidence exponentially and take immediate  action that translates into income.
Recognise what God is showing you to do, tap into divine wisdom and step boldly into your next step with congruence & peace. 
Experience prophetic wisdom, prayer, neuroscience based business & personal coaching to finally realise healing, spiritual and emotional growth.
Identify who you serve, how you can commercialise your idea, and position your brand, express your ideas, market and sell with more confidence and congruence, and turn your idea into an online offering. 



t's time for you to be encouraged, mentored and challenged in a new way.

30 years ago I was going through one of the hardest years of my life financially and emotionally.

We had lost income through circumstances we couldn't control, and were trying to hold onto our home when pregnant with our first child.

This was the beginning of a number of financial hits and what I call my 'crying years'.

Many years later - after some highs and lows - during a particularly tough season - in what I call The Gap - I spent over a year with God - being healed emotionally, spiritually and learning wisdom for business, finances and life.

I learned about what I call performance 'disorientation' - the burn out  and sabotage that high performers often experience, and why.

I believe my learnings about neuroscience, sales and emotional growth were finely tuned through these seasons, in order to coach people using Kingdom spiritual discernment, business and sales strategy and prophetic coaching - Neuro-flow™.

This developed into programs that address all aspects and come together with action oriented activities and tools. 

I studied the eagle and learned how many of us feel like eagles - but we are not positioned in the right environment, or have all the keys to being released into that next level of business or freedom.

Out of that season a mission and movement was birthed - to release Kingdom 'EAGLES' - influencers, corporate leaders, ministries, businesses, ideas, creatives, speakers, arts, music, media, stories - and help take these 'eagles' to the top of their mountain of influence.

Over the last 25 years as I have served businesses, senior leaders, and organisations, through teaching these keys - over 96% have experienced exponential financial growth, rapid promotion or emotional / spiritual breakthrough in those places.

During this 5 Day Challenge we will be imparting to you, sharing prophetically and coaching you with Kingdom Keys about Identity, Impact and Increase.

You'll hear about aligning your mind, and making wise decisions with Kingdom truth and shifting out of confusion, procrastination and disappointment into clarity, confidence and action.

You'll see what a Kingdom Brand could look like for you - and how you are uniquely placed and called to be positioned and promoted into the business, dream, platform or promise on your life.

You'll hear how to reframe the way you think about money - and posture yourself with a Kingdom mindset, and how to practically apply this to your business, sales, market or tribe.

If you're like me - you've spent time learning and growing - but you have also been disappointed or set back, and you know that the little voice inside you doesn't want to waste any more time.

You are at a redefining point in your life - and you know that the only way you will grow faster is to experience deeper internal confidence, love, clarity and wisdom - so that you STEP INTO and STOP DELAYING  the success, adventure and freedom .

I'll be sharing what I have learned in 25 years of Consulting, Kingdom Business, Sales & Money Mindset strategy, Leadership, Pastoring and Neuro-science- but more so - speaking into your heart with Kingdom business strategy - out of the wisdom and truth that I have explored and experienced through my journey as an entrepreneur, spiritual coach, neurostrategist, speaker, and business  mentor. 

Upgrade to the Challenge Plus Front Row experience.

  • Additional zoom calls (1 hour x 2) with Q and A hot seats only for Identity Impact Increase Challenge Plus clients 
  • Experience direct coaching to the group and answers to burning questions from participants that will help you in your own journey
  • Extra prophetic business, identity and brand insights
  • Connect at a deeper level
  • Participants will put hands up and be given short time to have a question answered to give as many people as possible the opportunity for a hot seat.

Join the Identity Impact Increase 5 Day Challenge now!

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Looking for a mentor to help you shift at every level?

Our DREAM DRIVERS™ 5000 Program is kicking off in mid June 2020 - see our first 20 members offer and bonuses below.


Close the gap between your promises and the reality of your finances, life or business.

It's time to take your place as a Kingdom influencer - with your life revealing what He has promised, and your influence, sense of personal and relational connection and business results reflecting who He truly is.

The way we do church, business, ministry and entrepreneurship has changed forever!

Most of us want to believe that we can experience the freedom, fruit and financial increase that we know is within us - but our old beliefs, thoughts and experiences don't align with what we have been promised or desire at a deep level.

God can rewire our old thoughts , replace our lack identity and connect us emotionally, financially, spiritually to the true Kingdom promises.

Redefine the way you think and behave about money, life and business. 


Kingdom Wisdom, Mindset & Entrepreneurship Program with Neuro-flow™  commercially smart, deeply personal and positive place to experience....

Clarity, Confidence and Creative solutions.

Rapid upgrade in your spiritual life, build a growth mindset, emotional and financial growth strategies and breakthrough for motivated, positive, talented, but frustrated Kingdom influencers, leaders and entrepreneurs.





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