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An intelligent, humorous Speaker, Neuro-strategist and Consultant, Louise created Neuro-flow™ a cut through  methodology to help individuals and teams navigate through fear, build commercial, spiritual and emotional intelligence to identify and create new opportunities, and move rapidly through doubt, fear and confusion.

A Sales Consultant and Signature Brand Expert,  Louise has designed and delivered high performance programs in 6 countries, with 95% of her sales clients reporting growth within 3-6 months - often less.

After a traumatic financial experience - 9 months pregnant with their first child, Louise started her own part time business, which grew to 6 figures within 18 months preceding multiple successful businesses, and leading to her work with over 35,000 people in 25 years.

A mother, wife and entrepreneur, Louise has navigated the highs and the heartaches of financial loss.

Her clients say she has the ability to hit the bullseye fast, and save time and money in testing and retesting, while inspiring teams and individuals to rise to the next level of performance, with deeper belief and motivation.

Licenced Programs include:

Money Mindfit™ - Rewire negative money beliefs and habits

Sales Mindfit™ - High performance Sales Flow

Neuro-Flow™ Expand Your Land. 6 Figure Coach Accreditation: Prophetic High Performance Program 

Masterminds and Retreats for CEOs and 6+ Figure Entrepreneurs: "Signature of Confidence 6-7 Figure Kingdom Brand™"



Louise has worked with the following Brands...

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