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Louise Taylor 


Louise Taylor is a globally respected Speaker, Peak Performance Coach and Neuro-strategist and Creator of Neuro-flow™ system, Money Mindfit™, Sales Mindfit™ and Clarity Programs.

When you work with Louise and her team, you'll find yourself experiencing an immediate emotional shift, a new perspective and the internal motivation and the  practical creative commercial tools and strategies to grow RAPIDLY!

Louise discovered she was blind in one eye at 3, and has been obsessed with neuroscience and human behaviour since she was 12.

After a traumatic financial experience, about to be a first time mum, Louise started her own part time business, which grew to 6 figures within 2 years. The 25 year journey as a businesswoman, consultant & corporate sales leader has resulted in helping more than 35,000 individuals & organisations to experience positive and often unexpected growth.

Louise specialises in helping individuals and companies to develop a positive money mindset, emotional agility - and approach leadership & business challenges with innovative commercial and people strategies.


Louise was featured as Entrepreneur of the Week in Issue #19 of Mary Henderson's Authority 5.0 Magazine.

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