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You're gifted, motivated and successful,


  • You worry about burnout
  • You want to reduce your working hours by at least 10 hours a week
  • You need more clarity - feeling overwhelmed with decision making
  • You're frustrated with delay 
  • You're the go to person
  • You feel like you are underpricing or undervalued
  • You don't have the time freedom and energy you crave
  • Your income isn't consistently growing quickly enough
  • You're self aware and growth minded
  • Your dreams are bigger than your reality
  • You have a message but lack some clarity
  • You need a business model that makes life work
  • You are attracting clients who aren't quite right
  • When you are focused and energised, you're on FIRE! Y 
  • Growth, Love and Freedom matter to you. 

Our clients..

  • Express their gifts, voice and mission fully 
  • Articulate their monetary value with extreme confidence and clarity
  • Create success and sales without manipulation and stress
  • Love to learn and are confident, talented, coachable and humble
  • Build multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses
  • Build flow habits and mindsets
  • Believe the prophetic is powerful and are open to receive
  • Want to express their spiritual anointing and gifts more fully
  • Need to define their message more clearly
  • Are highly motivated, generous but frustraetd



Imagine what would happen if, in the next 12 months, your financial goals allow you to take that incredible holiday, be fully present and connected with your kids or loved ones.

Your work days are shorter.

Your energy is consistently high!

You do less work for higher return.

Your family are proud of you.

You are feeling inspired, focused and very confident.

You know what to spend time doing, and what to let go of. 

You are working with fun, motivated people.

You're laser focused, energised and made more money in one year than ever before.

Neuroflow™ is a High Performance Entrepreneurship Coaching journey and methodology, including:

  • Emotional neuroscience  breakthrough strategies and tools (Neuroflow™) for productivity, laser focus, energy, and flow.   
  • Entrepreneurial 7 figure mindset rewire bootcamp 
  • 8 Prophetic Wisdom Principles to speed up results
  • Tap your creative, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual flow state
  • Design a Signature Kingdom offer that no-one else can replicate or compete with!
  • Neuroflow™ Grids, Strategies and personalised Coaching feedback & Prophetic Consulting
  • Neuro-Marketing, Neuro-Message + Neuro-Sales training for rapid sales flow
  • Financial mindset reframe and rewire
  • Effective lead generation strategies. Tailored Neuro- marketing advice.
  • A tribe of positive high performers who get you, and who will encourage you.



Self Assessment Survey - Identify your needs:

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It's faster with us than without us..

 Unique prophetic processes and Neuro-tools to help you rapidly create a 6-7 Figure Mindset and Expert business.


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Dream Drivers™ Coaching and Membership

High Performance Mindset with neuroscience and prophetic strategies to rapid results with your Signature Offer.

What’s included: 

  • Neuroflow™ Business™ Strategy + Mindset Coaching and Training
  • Prophetic live coaching
  • Re-energise, Rewire, Refresh, Recharge Activities 
  • Laser-focused, habit changing, "do it now" tactical sessions
  • 12 Foudational Neuro-Business Modules 
  • Neuroflow™ Coaching, Mindset and Sales Grids Toolbox
  • 8 Prophetic Rules for Entrepreneurship
  • Live Accountability sessions
  • Live Hot Seats 
  • Prophetic Activations 
  • Healing Activations
  • Revenue generating strategies

 and way more


  • The ONE Thing Brand Pillars 
  • Rewire your Money Beliefs
  • The Sales Ladder™  
  • The Urgent Need Opt In - Lead Generation
  • The Now Product - your next $10-$50k in 30 days
  • and more

Valued at $43,995 USD

Upfront - $27,995 USD Saving of normal rate $16K (+ Get a further $2,424 off)
$9,995 USD x 3 Monthly Payments (Saving of $11,511 USD)
Yes I want Dream Drivers - $2,707 USD x 12 Monthly Payments




6 month Dream Drivers™

  • 12 months online access 
  • POWERFUL Actionable Prophetic and Practical Business  Coaching 
  • Focus and Traction Live Coaching Sessions Monthly
  • Healing Activations 
  • Prophetic Neuro Rewire Activations
  • Money Mindset reframe
  • Accountability Sessions
  • Revelation and prophetic 
  • BONUS Trainings:
  • NOW/NEXT Strategy
  • NOW Cash Training - to generate your next $10-$50k
  • Now Product Training - Get buyers now! 
  • Urgent Need Opt in - Fast track lead generation
  • High Performance Mindset Coaching

And way more...

Join before 30 June and you get your first 2 months at a discount of $1,212 USD each month! 

Join Now - Get $1,212 USD off your first 2 months

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The Reality...

The fact is latest research studies show lack of focus, burnout, distraction, stress  anxiety, procrastination and overwhelm are increasing, even for CEO's and high performers.

I remember waiting way too long to invest in myself, and I self eliminated because I was too intimidated about money, or I was waiting to work it out myself.  

I learned over my 30 years in business, the cost of not getting the right advice and coaching was to cost me years of pain, lost opportunity cost,  overwhelm, indecision, wasted money, isolation and lost years trying to do it alone, or trying to save money paying people who saw me as a number.

Without learning the tools to shift into a flow as you market and sell and scale your business,  it could be another year feeling overworked, overdelivering,, overthinking and burnout, not to mention delays, staying hidden, and not realising your own dreams.


Apply to join our next Intake..

Join me on the Dream Drivers Journey so that we can help you to literally drive your dreams.

This experience is perfect for high performing successful CEO's, coaches, or entrepreneurs who understand that your mind, emotional habits and spiritual life  will directly impact your ability to generate income, energy, focus and time freedom.

Focused on mindset and emotional shifts, along with sound wisdom, prophetic strategies and solid business Neuro-based Coaching to accelerate your growth,  you'll integrate and learn new perspectives, lift your positioning, experience 'promotion' and multiplication, revelation and impartation.

In this experience, you will begin to experience emotional state changing, flow and focus, rewire, energise and refresh. Plus  prophetic live coaching with easy "do it now" activities to build the habit of flow in your life and business.

Book a 30 Minute Call here 

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The brain hates uncertainty!
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