Money Activation Series

Using Neuro-flow™ - the latest technology to align your actions with your deeper instinctive self, these 3 x 25 minutes meditations by Louise Taylor, Neuro-strategist and highly respected High Performance Coach, are designed to help you to tap in to your subconscious creative mind. Use these to re-wire old beliefs, fears or habits that are holding you back from making more sales, income or having more confidence and less fear about money.

Are you resisting receiving more money?

Listen to this short audio - where Louise talks about how we have a money meter in our minds - and what beliefs cause us to internally resist making more money.

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Money worthy video will touch the heart of who you truly are.Take some time out. Listen to this over and over and start re-wiring those old beliefs about money and identity

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There's a part of your brain that loves to create new ideas. Tap into your divine creative mind. Let go of all the distractions that having driving your money behaviour.

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This activation will help you activate the part of you that is confident to take action. Increase your internal ability to take the next step with more certainty, and procrastinate less.

Get 3 x 25 minute Money Activations here and start

re-wiring your money beliefs...


What impacts our ability to overcome money challenges? 

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