I want to join the backstage event too! $127 USD (VALUE $2,294 USD)

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Meet Louise Backstage
for a Faster and Deeper Dive.

What will happen?

Limited Backstage seats (valued at $1297 USD), book your spot below! 

Immediately after the Freedom Call event, Louise will be hosting a special Backstage and Impartation event with limited seats. 

During our backstage event, you will come into a private room to be touched deeply and receive an impartation of prophetic words to unlock greater freedom and flow and a greater understanding of the anointing you carry for your assignment and life. 

Louise will share specific prophetic words about how your anointing will release acceleration and flow in your business.

You will receive and be released into your anointing as a dynamic leader.


Who is this event for:

  • Already successful and hungry to experience more of the anointing of God for your next season
  • Leading a team, scaling your business, or leveling up your income 
  • A deep desire to create multiple 6, or 7 figures, and millions for the Kingdom, and for your family
  • Know it’s a rebirthing time and is ready to invest time and money into yourself so that you can be in the center of what God is doing now for your business and calling 
  • Have invested in yourself and are ready to see more fruit and harvest. Understand that investing in the right mentors is a seed that multiplies.  
  • Trust yourself to be able to create more income when you have the right tools. You back yourself!
  • You have incredible gifts and a big capacity. You are the go-to person.
Yes, I want to join the Backstage Event for $127 USD (Value 2,294 USD)

Incredible Bonuses You'll Get!


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Yes, I want to join the Backstage Event for $127 USD (Value $2,294 USD)

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Speaker, Neuro-strategist, Consultant and Author of the Neuro-flow™ Suite of Prophetic Entrepreneurship Programs, for 25 years Louise has been helping high performers, C-level execs, teams, entrepreneurs and influencers to find their flow, without the hustle.

Louise is the Number One Sales and Money Confidence  Expert for high performing leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and Kingdom Experts - converging emotional , spiritual and commercial intelligence together to produce rapid growth.

Louise is a wife, mum and 25 year entrepreneur, and Louise has a story you have to hear! 

96% of her business coaching clients achieve financial growth within 3- 6 months - often within days. 


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