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$398 USD x 3 Monthly Payments
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What would happen if you began to break through blind spots, doubts, habits and delays which have held you back from realising the level of financial breakthrough you are believing for?

During this 4 session One time Live Coaching Sprint, I will be prophetically imparting keys, walking you through powerful activations to shift subconscious lack emotions and memories, and  coaching you with Neuro-flow™ to rapidly rewire and redefine the way you spend your time and think about money.

I'll share tools to accelerate the understanding of how to attract people to come to you, by recognising why people buy from you, as you re-wire your internal 'money meter'.

The Money Freedom Coaching Sprint will begin to show you how to MOVE through barriers like indecision, procrastination, low energy, or distractions and pressures that are stopping you from realising your money goals to the level you know you deserve!

You don't need to waste more time doing things that are stealing your energy, and taking you away from the people you want to connect with and spend time with - like your family and friends!   

You'll learn how to position yourself above the crowd the new way - even within a competitive industry - and how to be more authentic and connected while you do it. 

Take back your time now... this is the Program to get you FOCUSED, and positioned to create your money goals in 2023 with clear direction,  energy and renewed confidence to create the money outcomes that you want, and  deserve.

Jeremiah 33.3 says to call to Him and He will teach you remarkable things you do not know! Well. He has! And I want to share them with you!

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$995 USD (VALUED AT $5,995 USD)
$398 USD x 3 Monthly Payments

This program is designed for you to immerse yourself in a new way of thinking.


The Money Freedom Coaching Sprint is jam-packed with actionable strategies and cutting-edge tactics. It's perfect for the person who is already successful but in a transition time in business or life - and who is frustrated and hungry to scale, grow and re-energise!

If you're strapped on time and burning out by trying to balance family with work or business, know that you are ready for growth, or you feel like you need to scale to another level financially, but you are struggling to focus, have the balance that you want in your life and business, or need to empower your team, then this dynamic & powerful action taking Money Sprint  is for YOU. 


What you'll get:


  • 4 x  LIve Online High Performance Coaching Sessions in a Private Group with Louise

A deep dive into:

  • High Performance Neuro-flow™ strategies to help you to get CLARITY and re-direct your physiology and psychology towards more money, time and sales.
  • Reposition the way you perceive yourself so you recognise WHY people will spend more money with you, instead of your competition.
  • Recognise and re-wire mental and emotional BLIND SPOTS, BELIEFS, and HABITS that have been slowing you down or stopping you from growth.
  • How to become more FOCUSED and DECISIVE by retraining your brain to move faster towards your money goals.
  • How to articulate your value much more effectively, in a way that is authentic and natural for you, and which converts faster.
  • How to break down your money goals and identify your money gaps & blind spots to create more money flow and less delay.
  • Hear prophetic principles which help you to steward and create money, so you stop the roller coaster ride and understand how to achieve consistent money growth in your business or income.
  • Change the way you think, feel and act about money, time and business. Find out the critical steps that are slowing you down, and how to create money and sales much faster.
  • Hear how Whole Brain thinking and strategy helps you to be agile in the way you think, feel and create money, so that you have less doubt and frustration.

What if you broke through your mental money blocks?


This is for you if you:

  • Are a caring, passionate professional wanting to stand out or scale FASTER
  • Have a good service or product and would LOVE to hear how we help people to 'flip $100k+ whales in just days'.
  • Believe that making money is spiritual, emotional, mental AND practical! 
  • Are frustrated with your level of sales, even though you have had some success, but what you have been doing isn't working as well anymore
  • Need to make more money to hire a coach, grow your team or grow your business 
  • Recognise the importance of investing in yourself and the power of being in the right environment, and the power of the right questions
  • Need to inspire yourself or your team with an entrepreneurial, confident, creative money mindset
  • Are ready to take the next step for rapid personal and professional growth
  • Want to increase sales or income faster
  • Feel stressed, burned out or frustrated
  • Are self aware, passionate and talented
  • Need to value your skills and articulate your value with boldness
$398 USD x 3 Monthly Payments

Challenge your Money Beliefs

Start to rapidly shift your internal money beliefs & barriers, so that you can stop procrastinating and be financially valued for your skills, talents and gifts.



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Louise Taylor

Real, Redefining. Relevant. 

Louise is known for her Signature Neuro-flow™ process and Commercial Performance Programs, with 95% of her clients increasing revenue within months, and often days, or hours!

A Neuro-strategist, Prophetic leader, Business and Sales Consultant  and International Speaker - Louise helps  design and rapidly grow unique Brands, and build high performing tribes.

Creator of the Kingdom Algorithm, Dream Drivers™ Entrepreneurship, Neuro-flow™Coach Accreditation, and CEO Immersions and Masterminds - Louise incorporates Prophetic Activations, Accelerated Sales tools, Kingdom Success Keys, Mindset, and Emotional Shift tools to cultivate extraordinary results.

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