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Break Money Sabotage 

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Receive more. Give more. Live more.


What would happen if you broke through your mental money blocks?


The 3 Limiting Money Habits ..

 that hinder money growth - even if you're already successful.


Negative or limiting hidden lack 'loops', triggers, and memories. So even when you KNOW you're doing it, and have tried to change it - you still experience doubt, anxiety, fear, stress or disappointment.

These internal triggers are the most strong, build in 'go to' immediate subconscious responses about money. Even though in your heart you know you have the power to create wealth.


The Money 'Rules' and 'roles' you learned, but haven't known how to reframe, which  keep you stuck at an income level or ceiling which is lower than your potential.

This is stopping you from making more impact, and making you feel fatigued and frustrated with delays, when you know you have a big purpose.


Bad decisions and decision fatigue. 

Most people are never taught how to shift from one part of the brain to another, so that you can be more FOCUSED on a financial goal, and see the patterns that are causing you to lose money, not receive it, or not make enough, or all 3!


During the Money Mindfit™ Coaching Experience - you'll:

  • Recognise and experience a rewire of hidden subsconscious blocks and lies and start to shift
  • Consciously and subconsciously Reframe limiting money 'rules' and beliefs 
  • Upgrade your money 'meter' so that you move towards the goal faster
  • Recognise what is happening in your brain keeping you stuck in old patterns
  • MOVE through  procrastination, low energy, or money fatigue towards high money flow
  • Learn the keys to create positive money energy 
  • Be more authentic and connected with your own  income or revenue goals
  • Get clarity,  prophetic revelations and unique insights
  • Healing and breakthrough to flow into every area of your career, business and life

Jeremiah 33.3 says to call to Him and He will teach you remarkable things you do not know! Well. He has! And I want to share them with you!

Hit the button below and register for this unique coaching experience.

Speed up your money confidence breakthrough

  • Create new mental and emotional money behaviour, habits and emotions 
  • Focus and fire up your income producing neural pathways, instead of money overwhelm or uncertainty
  • Neuro-rewiring to tap into positive money mindsets
  • Prophetic activations to heal old money wounds
  • Habit changing grids and activities
  • Neuro-based Coaching questions which in themselves cause you to start new thought process about money
  • Refocus strategies so you stop struggling and being discouraged

The Deep Dive Experience:


  • 4 x  Online High Performance Coaching Sessions 
  • Online Money Mindfit™ Program access for 1 year
  • High Performance Neuro-flow™ strategies to help you to get CLARITY and re-direct your physiology and psychology towards more money, time and sales.
  • See critical mistakes that slow you down. 
  • Reposition the way you perceive yourself in the market, so you see WHY people will pay more for your skills.
  • Recognise and re-wire mental and emotional BLIND SPOTS, BELIEFS, and HABITS that have been slowing you down or stopping you from growth.
  • How to become more FOCUSED and DECISIVE by retraining your brain to move faster towards your money goals.
  • Articulate your value in a way that is authentic and natural for you
  • Break down money goals see money gaps & blind spots
  • Hear prophetic principles to steward and create money, to achieve consistent money growth 
  • Change the way you think, feel and act about money, time and business.
  • Whole Brain™ strategies to know how to move out of fear or overwhelm faster, and why you're getting stuck

This is for you if you:

  • Need to overcome money fatigue, discouraging habits and delays with reaching your money potential now
  • Feeling stressed, burned out or anxious about money
  • Believe that making money is spiritual, emotional, mental AND practical! 
  • Are frustrated with your income or sales
  • Need to place more value on your skills, your own needs or your value in the market
  • Need money to  hire a coach, make a bigger impact, give away more, grow your business,  have more fun, or help more people
  • Are self aware, skilled and successful, but know you can always grow more

Challenge your Money Beliefs

Start to rapidly shift your internal money beliefs & barriers, so that you can stop procrastinating and be financially valued for your skills, talents and gifts.



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Louise Taylor

Real, Redefining. Relevant. 

Louise is known for her Signature Neuro-flow™ process and Commercial Performance Programs, with 95% of her clients increasing revenue within months, and often days, or hours!

A Neuro-strategist, Prophetic leader, Business and Sales Consultant  and International Speaker - Louise helps  design and rapidly grow unique Brands, and build high performing tribes.

Creator of the Kingdom Algorithm, Dream Drivers™ Entrepreneurship, Neuro-flow™Coach Accreditation, and CEO Immersions and Masterminds - Louise incorporates Prophetic Activations, Accelerated Sales tools, Kingdom Success Keys, Mindset, and Emotional Shift tools to cultivate extraordinary results.

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