Do You Get Me?

One for the visionaries...

I recently had someone I know say something that was 'well meaning' but negative. I'm a very open person - so I share a lot of myself. But I have learned that you need to have wisdom in what you share and with whom.

If you are a visionary and an adventurous person - someone who has a fire in your belly - you won't be 'normal'. You'll dream about things others don't dream about. Most people won't get you.

People will look at you from a certain perspective, from their paradigm of life. They won't always understand what drives you, or understand what you understand. People may be well meaning, but if they don't get your vision then they can't speak on it because they just don't know how to.

When you decide what to do in the future, get wise counsel from people who have a big capacity to see your potential.

You'll get all sorts of advice, but it's important to sift through it. I know that I've listened to people who have steered me off track in business or life. People who I admired. People who were good at what they did. But they didn't have the insight and perspective that I had for my life.

Then I realized that no one understands me like I do. No one knows my journey the way that I understand it.

Not everyone is a visionary. Not everyone has the intuition to perceive the future or understand market opportunity.

Your vision is given to you. You are totally responsible for what you do with your vision. You have the capacity to manage your thoughts on life. The voice you hear most every day is your own! Managing your attention is a huge key to accelerating through the gap to your future.

Being a 'steward' (good manager) of the vision you have means that you not only act on your vision, but you also learn to manage your emotions. People who put thought into their future will get there. Take time every day to think about your vision. Have you heard this?: "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he". You have the power to take your life into a colorful and wonderful future.

You may recognize that you need to get counsel from others, but in doing so be aware of fancy marketing and clever words.

Find people who align with your values to help you go forward. Get people around you who recognize what is within you even before YOU see it!

Separate yourself from people who don't get it. Recognize what to share with whom.

Imagination determines your influence and power. Vision and passion trumps your memory. Imagination and vision needs to be nurtured.

How far into your future are you seeing? How far can you imagine? Make sure the people around you can connect with and empower you to get there! Get people around you who light that fire inside of you, who listen and see what is within you!

When you, yourself look at your future do you relate to the person in that vision? It's time to recognize who you truly are, what lies within you and the power of the DNA that is YOU!

Learn to harness the power of your imagination. Put yourself in environments that fan your flame. The average person lives in fear, but you don't need to. Write down your vision. Then, fuel it with decision. Get encouraged. Get insight and strategy and start where you are now.

What do you desire right now? What gift do you have in your hand right now? Start where you are. It's NEVER too late!

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