Is Your Inner "Scrooge" Costing You Money?

What is stopping you from having the MONEY you deserve? 3 MIND-SET truths that will set you free to grow more money.

TRUTH NO 1: Belief

What do you believe about money? Is it easy to get?

Do you always have enough? Or not enough? 

What are you expecting? 

Do you know much about how money works or is it something you avoid? Note: If you are in sales, your mindset about spending is probably impacting your ability to sell more.

There comes a time when we need to recognise what our beliefs and thoughts are in relation to money. If you know that you have negative thoughts – then it’s never too late to change. 

ACTION: Start by writing down what you believe about money.

Journal every day for a week by noting down words that you associate when you think about money. For example: Thinking about paying a bill = pain. Saving for a holiday = I can’t afford it. Do these sound familiar? Capture those thoughts first.

When you capture...

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Are Your Emotions Hurting Your Income?

Are your emotions costing you money and sales? 

Hands up if you are like me and get a new idea every second day?Or maybe you have a new emotion every few hours? Lets face it – it’s the blessing and curse of the entrepreneur – the one who can’t get through 10 minutes in the morning without being distracted by an email link, an exciting video or a phone message. Sounding familiar? 

Sometimes I start the day really well – feeling great, get up, exercise and write a list – and then I walk into my office and experience severe procrastination because I’ve seen the chaos on my desk. My husband called it “Hurricane Louise”. All my plans go out the window and I lose focus on what I had planned to do because of feelings of overwhelm. 

The DNA of the entrepreneur is often someone who has high right brain tendencies, ie: emotional and creative. This is truly an amazing and wonderful thing.. we have...

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How to Overcome Disappointment

It takes courage to face the things that are holding us back.  

Commonly, people will deal with issues that seem too hard to overcome – by avoiding them. However, in avoidance we also find pain.   

So how does it all start?  

We all have expectations about how things might work out.  And when the outcome isn’t what we expected – disappointment is a hidden trigger that can lead us down the path to greater emotional challenges.  It can start with a small thing, an expectation not met – a failure at work, or in a relationship, or a financial loss.  

Here’s a few keys to tackling disappointment: 

Recognise the first point of disappointment

Is there a pattern of disappointment in one area of life? Do you ‘always’ have problems with money for example?  Or are you constantly treated badly at work?  Are you worried about going for job interviews because of...

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The Power of Rest

behavior mindset rest success Sep 11, 2019

Tuesday was Suicide Prevention Day.  Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death for 15-44 year olds, and that 20% of suicides stem from work related stress?

With this in mind, it is important to make sure you are not overworking yourself, and are taking time in the day to rest.  Here are some steps to take if you feel you need a mental rewiring:

  1. Do a rest check on yourself.  On a scale of 1-10, how much mental and emotional rest do you get every day? 
  2. Take back control of your mornings. Do you have a lot of external distractions crowding your brain with unnecessary information? Try to not look at your phone first thing in the morning, and give yourself a few hours of peace and quiet. 
  3. Take a day off. Rest and fun are a key way to keep yourself staying creative. Have a picnic, hang out with friends, visit the beach, or whatever may bring you joy. 
  4. Figure out when you get your best ideas. Is it in the shower, while you meditate, or...
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Sorry Not Sorry

When I was a kid we were taught to be really polite. I mean REALLY polite.  

We were taught to think of others before ourselves, always.   And I subscribe to that. I really do. I am ALL about helping others. And most of my clients are the same.

Except there's a catch....

If you don't get what you want, you can't help as many people.

And in ALWAYS putting others first... you get pretty good at making excuses to not do what you truly believe you are meant to do. And you miss out on having the FUN, money and love that you need, if you don't balance the giving with the receiving. 

Being a martyr...It's the ultimate SABOTAGE strategy.

It happens all the time to high performers, leaders.... "I'm already doing so much. Working so hard.  I've already achieved a lot. I don't have enough time.  I already have too much responsibility.  I need my work life to improve before I can start that business.  I have tried before and it didn't...

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Do You Get Me?

One for the visionaries...

I recently had someone I know say something that was 'well meaning' but negative. I'm a very open person - so I share a lot of myself. But I have learned that you need to have wisdom in what you share and with whom.

If you are a visionary and an adventurous person - someone who has a fire in your belly - you won't be 'normal'. You'll dream about things others don't dream about. Most people won't get you.

People will look at you from a certain perspective, from their paradigm of life. They won't always understand what drives you, or understand what you understand. People may be well meaning, but if they don't get your vision then they can't speak on it because they just don't know how to.

When you decide what to do in the future, get wise counsel from people who have a big capacity to see your potential.

You'll get all sorts of advice, but it's important to sift through it. I know that I've listened to people who have steered me off track in business or...

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The moving forward mantra...

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2018

Doesn't matter if you've fallen. Can you get up?

Doesn't matter if someone said No to you. Say yes to your next step.

Doesn't matter if it’s hard to go forward... make a decision you'll do it anyway.

Doesn't matter if you're not sure of the path ahead… keep moving...moving creates momentum.

Doesn't matter if there are negative people around you. Choose to own your own energy.

Doesn't matter if you failed before. You have the resources within you to create success. One small success breeds confidence. Go for one small one.

Doesn't matter if you feel fearful... passion and purpose trump fear.

Doesn't matter what has stopped you. Decide where you want to go and focus on that.

Doesn't matter who you spoke to last and said no to you. Who will you speak to next?

Doesn't matter if you're not perfect yet. You're good enough. 

Be you... reach forward... don't stop...

Doesn't matter unless you allow it to matter. 

 #‎entrepreneur #‎business ...

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Does your workplace feel like an episode of Survivor?

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2018

Louise Taylor is a Neuro-Linguistics and Sales Expert - and has been working with high performers for over 25 years - helping them to achieve their personal and financial goals.

Ask yourself…

Do you sit through painful and ineffective meetings secretly feeling like you are being tortured, and willing that you wont be the one called on that has to put up a fight about some recent decision or project?

Do people steal your lunch and not admit it? Are your Monday morning meetings more like Monday morning eliminations.. wondering who is about to be voted "off the island"?

Are you unsure why some people seem to get away with doing the minimum but are still loved by the boss? Do you get annoyed with nitpicking, process driven people?

Here are a few reasons why people have conflict at work...

People have different ways of solving problems. Some people prefer big picture brainstorming, while others like to go step by step, which means that the speed and...

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It's not the no that matters

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2018

We're human. We hate rejection. So when you ask for something and someone says no - every no feels like a rejection.   You're on fire ... you have your dreams, your goals, your targets. And you start talking and selling your idea, yourself for a new role or your product. But then, someone says 'no', then another person says 'no'. And what happens? Your belief level drops, your energy gets low and you start to doubt that you really wanted the goal after all.  One minute before the no - you were ok. Then the 'no' is the one key factor that has knocked you backwards.  But the 'no' doesn't matter.  What happens in your mind immediately in the 30 seconds after the no is what matters. Do you react instantly and negatively?  Or do you respond by choosing to move your focus towards your goal. If you buy into rejection, you create an association in your subconscious between a negative feeling and the process of asking for what you want. Your response is based on...

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Does your business have an 'old school' leadership hangover or an entrepreneurial culture?

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2018

No-one likes having a hangover. Especially one that leaves everybody feeling like they are dizzy with constant changes, and everyone has a foggy head because they are working so hard that their brains are completely fried doing what? The same old stuff that isn't getting anyone anywhere! And why? Because the old guy (or gal) at the top is stuck in another time and place - thinking that they have to rule with the stick, and only allow their 'top' advisers that agree with them to come up with solutions that are not relevant and not innovative. When the 'captain' feels that their main job is to hold their title on a pedestal and send orders to the plebs down below - expecting to reap an energetic, creative and motivated collective of people - when in fact - many of the 'tribe' are feeling like prisoners on the inside, though they may appear submissive on the outside. If you are an intelligent modern leader - I'm preaching to the converted here.

We all know that the old rules of...

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