Is your inner "Scrooge" costing you money?

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2018

What is stopping you from having the MONEY you deserve? 3 MIND-SET truths that will set you free to grow more money.

TRUTH NO 1: Belief

What do you believe about money? Is it easy to get? Do you always have enough? Or not enough? What are you expecting? Do you know much about how money works or is it something you avoid? Note: If you are in sales, your mindset about spending is probably impacting your ability to sell more.

There comes a time when we need to recognise what our beliefs and thoughts are in relation to money. If you know that you have negative thoughts – then it’s never too late to change. 

ACTION: Start by writing down what you believe about money.

Journal every day for a week by noting down words that you associate when you think about money. For example: Thinking about paying a bill = pain. Saving for a holiday = I can’t afford it. Do these sound familiar? Capture those thoughts first.

Draw a line down the middle of the page and on the left write all your ‘rules’ about money. This can include sayings or words that come to mind eg: “Money doesn’t grow on trees” “We can’t afford it” etc. When you capture these internal beliefs you are in a conscious position to challenge them.

On the right hand side write down beliefs that you want to experience. When you write these notice how you feel about these new beliefs. There may be some work to do in embedding those beliefs into your emotions, behaviours and habits

TRUTH NO 2: Memories

Your childhood experiences about money have an impact on what you believe and expect. Often we will only create the income in our business that we expected to get from our first profession or job. Do you have a ‘set point’ in your brain of how much you expect to earn in your business?

What memories come to mind when you think about money? When you were a child was money scarce? Were you told you couldn’t have things? Or did you never ask for what you wanted because you knew there just wasn’t enough. I can relate – my childhood years were tough – with 7 kids and hardworking parents, we were acutely aware that we shouldn’t ask for too much. This caused a money hangover that carried on for many years. For a number of years I existed with less than enough – believing that there was a cap on how much I would earn and how much I deserved. At one point though – I had to stop blaming my childhood experiences for my lack. You are worthy of having money. You deserve to be blessed and you will no doubt bless others. Do you believe this? If not – it’s time to start. You can’t serve others if you don’t have the money to do so!  

ACTION: What are your money hangovers? Write them down.

What were you told about money growing up? “I can’t afford it” “There’s not enough” Were you too scared to ask?

Write these down and then create some positive affirmations about money and put them on your fridge. Choose to engage with these affirmations and instill them. Seeing them every day helps the information to launch into your subconscious mind. The conscious mind can’t discern between truth or imagined truth. So you can choose your new truth about money.

Are you sowing into something? Do you spend time putting effort and time into a business or a skill? If so – notice how much you have sown into learning about money or business and what works. If you tend to spend time in say…personal development, but are ignoring content about money – then you probably haven’t sown enough into learning about money. Hence it’s hard to reap a harvest.

TRUTH NO 3: Your Environment and Social Circle  

There’s a saying that you will only have as much money as the 5 most successful people you spend time with. 

Who do you hang around with? Do they all complain about money? Are they people who know how to build a successful business? Invest? Save and achieve money goals? If not – there’s a good chance that you are surrounded by negative money talk. This is often because people have not been educated to find another way. So are you going to choose to keep listening to their advice? How’s that working for you?

ACTION: Write a list of names of people you spend time with. Next to their name place a + or – depending on their thoughts, conversations and actions related to money. If there is a minus – it doesn’t mean you can’t stay friends, however don’t expect them to be the money guru to help you move out of your circumstances.

Identify people who are financially successful. Start to watch, listen, read and model what they do.  Start to educate yourself rather than avoiding money stuff!

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