Personal Acceptance

Imposter Syndrome seems to be a popular term these days….

It's good that people are being real!

Personally I find that when I work with clients who are high on emotional intelligence and often very smart and talented - there is a common theme .."am I good enough". I suppose the human condition is to compare ourselves to others.

The greater the sense of personal identity and acceptance - the greater the achievements. Is it the chicken or the egg?

Do we gain confidence by doing or do we decide to accept ourselves and become bolder in the doing? I know that small incremental successes breed confidence - especially when doing something new where uncertainty is high and the subconscious kicks in with fear and thinks there could be a tiger ahead.

 What is 'good enough' anyway?

Achieving a goal?

Being as good as someone else?

Why not be really good at being you. Working on your own talents and skills and knowing that being unique in who you are and what you create is the most...

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Be a Bolder You!

attitude behaviour mindset Apr 03, 2024

What would you do if you were 3 times bolder than you are right now?

If you are not being bold enough it's usually because fear is hiding behind - literally pulling you back from your path and destiny.

High performers experience uncertainty because they push the boundaries all the time - so the future is unknown. This uncertainty can breed either more fear or what I call collateral courage© - the ability to create and move forward boldly in spite of uncertainty or fear.

  1. Your voice is unique. Your message and gifts are needed by others. Trust your instincts. Write down your talents. Celebrate them. - We are so good at finding our own faults but its okay to recognise what you do well. Use your passion to convince others rather than allowing fear to stop you.
  2. Your environment - are the people around you in a position to 'pull you up' to another level emotionally, career-wise, in your business? Are you the one always leading others? Have you outgrown those around you? As humans we...
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Are Your Emotions Hurting Your Income?

Are your emotions costing you money and sales? 

Hands up if you are like me and get a new idea every second day?Or maybe you have a new emotion every few hours? Lets face it – it’s the blessing and curse of the entrepreneur – the one who can’t get through 10 minutes in the morning without being distracted by an email link, an exciting video or a phone message. Sounding familiar? 

Sometimes I start the day really well – feeling great, get up, exercise and write a list – and then I walk into my office and experience severe procrastination because I’ve seen the chaos on my desk. My husband called it “Hurricane Louise”. All my plans go out the window and I lose focus on what I had planned to do because of feelings of overwhelm. 

The DNA of the entrepreneur is often someone who has high right brain tendencies, ie: emotional and creative. This is truly an amazing and wonderful thing.. we have...

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How to Overcome Disappointment

It takes courage to face the things that are holding us back.  

Commonly, people will deal with issues that seem too hard to overcome – by avoiding them. However, in avoidance we also find pain.   

So how does it all start?  

We all have expectations about how things might work out.  And when the outcome isn’t what we expected – disappointment is a hidden trigger that can lead us down the path to greater emotional challenges.  It can start with a small thing, an expectation not met – a failure at work, or in a relationship, or a financial loss.  

Here’s a few keys to tackling disappointment: 

Recognise the first point of disappointment

Is there a pattern of disappointment in one area of life? Do you ‘always’ have problems with money for example?  Or are you constantly treated badly at work?  Are you worried about going for job interviews because of...

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Is Your Inner "Scrooge" Costing You Money?

What is stopping you from having the MONEY you deserve? 3 MIND-SET truths that will set you free to grow more money.

TRUTH NO 1: Belief

What do you believe about money? Is it easy to get?

Do you always have enough? Or not enough? 

What are you expecting? 

Do you know much about how money works or is it something you avoid? Note: If you are in sales, your mindset about spending is probably impacting your ability to sell more.

There comes a time when we need to recognise what our beliefs and thoughts are in relation to money. If you know that you have negative thoughts – then it’s never too late to change. 

ACTION: Start by writing down what you believe about money.

Journal every day for a week by noting down words that you associate when you think about money. For example: Thinking about paying a bill = pain. Saving for a holiday = I can’t afford it. Do these sound familiar? Capture those thoughts first.

When you capture...

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