Personal Acceptance

Imposter Syndrome seems to be a popular term these days….

It's good that people are being real!

Personally I find that when I work with clients who are high on emotional intelligence and often very smart and talented - there is a common theme .."am I good enough". I suppose the human condition is to compare ourselves to others.

The greater the sense of personal identity and acceptance - the greater the achievements. Is it the chicken or the egg?

Do we gain confidence by doing or do we decide to accept ourselves and become bolder in the doing? I know that small incremental successes breed confidence - especially when doing something new where uncertainty is high and the subconscious kicks in with fear and thinks there could be a tiger ahead.

 What is 'good enough' anyway?

Achieving a goal?

Being as good as someone else?

Why not be really good at being you. Working on your own talents and skills and knowing that being unique in who you are and what you create is the most powerful thing that you can be. This is what is attractive to others. This is what allows you to take risks. This is what will bring innovation at work or in your business. Someone who is humble but secure in who they are - they're the people who transform the world and take hold of their personal dreams.



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