Be a Bolder You!

attitude behaviour mindset Apr 03, 2024

What would you do if you were 3 times bolder than you are right now?

If you are not being bold enough it's usually because fear is hiding behind  - literally pulling you back from your path and destiny.

High performers experience uncertainty because they push the boundaries all the time - so the future is unknown. This uncertainty can breed either more fear or what I call collateral courage© - the ability to create and move forward boldly in spite of uncertainty or fear.

  1. Your voice is unique. Your message and gifts are needed by others. Trust your instincts.  Write down your talents. Celebrate them.  - We are so good at finding our own faults but its okay to recognise what you do well. Use your passion to convince others rather than allowing fear to stop you.
  2. Your environment - are the people around you in a position to 'pull you up' to another level emotionally, career-wise, in your business? Are you the one always leading others?  Have you outgrown those around you? As humans we need encouragement, mentoring, models, creative insight into our life, financial opportunities and future. Who can do this for you?
  3. Project Plan your next move: What financial goals, people, emotional needs, creative ideas and processes will help you move forward boldly.

Be a bolder you!



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