It's not the no that matters

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2018

We're human. We hate rejection. So when you ask for something and someone says no - every no feels like a rejection.   You're on fire ... you have your dreams, your goals, your targets. And you start talking and selling your idea, yourself for a new role or your product. But then, someone says 'no', then another person says 'no'. And what happens? Your belief level drops, your energy gets low and you start to doubt that you really wanted the goal after all.  One minute before the no - you were ok. Then the 'no' is the one key factor that has knocked you backwards.  But the 'no' doesn't matter.  What happens in your mind immediately in the 30 seconds after the no is what matters. Do you react instantly and negatively?  Or do you respond by choosing to move your focus towards your goal. If you buy into rejection, you create an association in your subconscious between a negative feeling and the process of asking for what you want. Your response is based on another person, rather than your own determination to achieve the goal. You can't afford to do it. Instantly choose to change your focus. Make a decision to remember a positive exchange, conversation or success. Build this mental muscle instead of the fear muscle. Stand up as if you feel confident and shake off the no. Determine to move forward and refocus on the goal.  Move your body - don't sit in fear. Don't water the negative thoughts or you'll just grow a big fat tree of fear inside!   Put on your grown up pants and choose to be brave.  Choose to keep going. Its what has to be done if you really want to achieve that goal.  That one minute after the no is a key to what you do next. Choose - get your sales brave on today! You'll surprise yourself as to what you can achieve. Contact Louise Taylor 0417461471 for more help with accelerating your sales mindset.


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