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Uncategorized Jun 26, 2018

When I started speaking many years ago...I was a young woman who was friendly and outgoing… but to present to a group?  The fear was so great that I was shaking uncontrollably and couldn't even swallow. Most people put public speaking on the same level of fear as death...which means that you would rather be in the coffin than doing the eulogy.  This fear stops us from showing the world who we are... Many emotionally intelligent people tend to be naturally the best communicators, but on the flip side… get highly emotional at the thought of speaking.  Just like sales... speaking is a skill set... so when you learn the skills and practise them a lot… the fear starts to go. So are you out there... secretly yearning to share your knowledge, your vision but frustrated that you keep letting yourself down and hiding? Here's a few tips to get you moving forward.

  1. Managing your emotions… Your unconscious mind will think about something new as a threat... "a rustle in the bushes"... there's a bear coming to eat you! And your body reacts... So... step one... Write down your speaking goal.  Then write a list of all the things you are nervous about in relation to this goal... put them on a page.  Next...write down the emotions associated with the list. Ask yourself this… When did I recently overcome this emotion?  And note down the successful times that you overcame say...fear, doubt, procrastination.  This will start to rewire the neural pathway in your mind to remember positive emotions - and you can associate this with the new goal of speaking.
  2. Emotions Bucketlist... Ok if you could have any emotion in the world when you are speaking...what would it be? This is your bucket list. Yay! You are on your way.
  3. Write down your goal again and put your bucketlist next to your goal. Use coloured pen. Your brain likes this. (We are all kids at heart)
  4. List the skills that you have already that might relate to speaking. Eg: Are you a good talker? Do you connect quickly with people?
  5. Think of the one topic that you would love to speak about. Something you are passionate about. Just pick one... Don't get all creative on me now.
  6. Identify what problem you would be solving for people in speaking.

Ok you have already made a start... love to hear who did this exercise and what you identified!  

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