prophecy Jun 19, 2024

“Backstage with Jesus”

You’ve had seasons of success and flow.

You’ve also had intense heartbreak.

You’ve fought battles because you are a pioneer.

You put your nose out in front, like a horse determined to win the race.

You’ve been in the valleys and on the mountains.

And both have required more of you.

You desire more. Always.

You are not content with living a small life. 

You cannot tolerate small thinking. Negativity.

You have outgrown your environment.

You can no longer tolerate the hustle.

You are tired of the noise - learning, working, giving out.

You discern dishonest intentions

Your motives are pure

And yet you are humble to receive instruction.


You KNOW unequivocally that you are a leader.

You do the work.

You rise like the cream on the top 

But you are in what I call a cocoon season.

The transition season.

Where there is little certainty.

Where you may even be experiencing some anxiety or stress


You sense the new but you haven’t yet fully captured what it looks like.

So you have little clarity or certainty.

You feel like you are sabotaging yourself.

When in fact you are listening to a deeper voice inside.


So you feel like you’ve gone backwards, you are questioning yourself.

You are looking for what is missing.

And yet you KNOW 

You are gifted and called to greater things. New things.


Your internal GPS. That inner voice. That intuition.

Is trying to show you the way forward.


Others you see are playing on the main stage.

You are gifted to inspire, to influence.

And yet - you are still hidden away.



Longing. Yearning to be fully used.

To express yourself.

To see breakthrough. 

To be back in that place of pure joy.




I am convinced

That our Personal Transformation 

Is the KEY 

To out-running the chaos of the times we live in.

Being like the outsider horse

Who comes from the back 

At the last minute

And wins the race


This deep personal experience 

In the cocoon

Is part of your transformation

Preparing you ahead


And if you would just wait a little longer

And not run ahead

And allow more healing to come

Allow space to hear His voice

Try to be patient

Wait for instruction

Through others

Or in your quiet time

You will see my friend

That the time and season for your reaping is coming soon


Because in this time 

You have been

Backstage with Jesus

You have been refined and purified

Your message is being rewritten

And you are seeing what is ahead

Before the world sees it

For such a time as this.



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